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Nourishing you back to health through natural, holistic ways

I provide alternative + preventative methods of improving your health.

Welcome! I've been an RN for 20 years and after complete burn out from our reactive sick care model that treats symptoms instead of root causes of dis-ease, I earned my Health & Nutrition Coach certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I studied the ins and outs of holistic health including foundational nutritional principles, nutrition science and over 100 dietary theories, as well as innovative coaching methods, personal development, goal setting and much more. After transforming my own physical and mental health from the inside out, I love helping others learn how to do the same!

I listen carefully to your specific health needs and concerns for holistic solutions that perfectly suit you.

You deserve unique and personalized care.

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3 Day Gut Reboot

  • reset your gut with this 3 day system
  • aids the body's detoxification processes - specifically formulated to reboot your gut in just 3 days
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My Services

4 Week Metabolism Reset

  • identify + remove YOUR toxic + inflammatory triggers
  • repair + reboot your gut
  • reinoculate with pre+ probiotics
  • replenish + reintroduce foods intentionally

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Client Testimonials

Amber listened to my specific concerns, asked lots of questions and never made me feel rushed or like I was bothering her. She recommended a SIBO test and to my surprise it came back positive! She started me on a protocol specific for SIBO and I've never felt better! I no longer have to cancel plans, worry about being in pain or feel embarrassed by my gas. She also gave me diet and lifestyle modifications that have been so helpful keeping me on track. I can't say enough thanks for everything!


I was struggling so badly with hormonal issues including painful cycles, migraines, and so much pain. Amber asked me a lot of questions about my specific issues but also asked me about my day o day activities and typical diet as well. Not only has her protocol helped with all of my symptoms but I have learned so much from working with her! She is so knowledgeable about how our bodies work and I never knew how important gut health was when it comes to hacking your hormones! Thank you for giving me my life back!

- Paige

My mental health took a turn for the worse the last few years and I was really struggling. I was on multiple SSRI medications to manage my mood and instead I just felt numb all the time. I would wake up and take pills all day long just to get through the day and support my crippling anxiety and depressed mood. I had gained a ton of weight, had new brain fog, low energy and even started having some thyroid issues. Enter Amber. I was desperate for something different and she taught me so much about foods and our gut health and after 6 months, I'm now off all of my meds!

- Sarah

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